Advanced Automotive Lighting Solutions

Ghozt Lighting brings you some of the most innovative products available for LED lighting: the infamous Ghozt LED Sequencer, and our new Neopixel/Neoprism Bluetooth controller BlueGHOZT! Both are perfectly engineered for automotive applications! Using our in-house designed software, Sequence Designer, and our IOS/Android app BlueGHOZT, you can endlessly re-program these devices yourself with anything you can think of!

For a headlight or taillight build using our products, please contact one of our highly recommended Installers for a build today! All of them are highly experienced with installing our products, and working on headlights/taillights in general!

6 months ago

Animated taillights makes a really nice touch on these Japanese classics from the '80s and '90s. Check out this NSX taillight build from ArcLightLEDs! ... See more

7 months ago

We are pleased to announce new discount options available for the BlueGhozt smart LED controller! Visit our product page or read about our preferred partner program on our website to find out ... See more

7 months ago

Killer job on this '65 by Automotive Custom Lighting!

8 months ago
BlueGhozt v1.3 Update

We are excited to begin roll out shortly of a new software update for our BlueGhozt devices! Here is an overview of the new features. Enjoy!

— Products shown: BlueGhozt.